Sales info

For instance, if you take a home loan of €30,000, with variable interest 3.0% per year, loan period of 360 months and contract fee €300, the annual percentage rate charge is 3.08%. The security asset of the loan must be insured during the entire loan period but the amount of insurance costs depends on the insurer selected by the borrower and on the loan conditions and thus it is unknown to the lender. The borrower pays the necessary fee for providing a security and notary fee, the final amount of this is not known to the lender.


Apartments can be reserved for up to two weeks without any charge based on a written application. 

Contract under the Law of Obligations

A notarial sales contract under the Law of Obligations will be signed with the client agreeing on all conditions of the transaction. Upon signing the contract under the Law of Obligations the buyer shall pay 15% of the apartment’s price.

Realty contract

When the building is complete and the apartment is handed over, a realty contract is signed and 85% of the sales price is paid.


During the construction process changes can be made in the interior design materials. In City House design materials are chosen. Terms of changes of interior materials in Family House and Community House will be agreed on in the sales contract under Law of Obligations. The total area of the apartment can change up to 2% during construction.


The main contractor is AS YIT Ehitus. Linnamaja (City House) will be constructed in the first construction phase by the end of 2016. The second phase includes construction of Peremaja (Family House) and Peremaja Tower, and Kogukonnamaja (Community House) will be constructed in the third phase. If you are interested in the apartments to be constructed in the second and third phases, please contact Liven Kinnisvara’s sales manager.



Developing properties with dedication

Innovation and the environment are of the utmost importance to Estmak Capital. Our developments are based on the latest knowledge in the fields of design and construction, and the business and residential complexes we create form fully integrated environments of their own in which every detail is carefully considered. We want to offer the best property development in the Baltic States and to create sustainable value for future generations.