The first floor of the building is designed for hired commercial space in the extent of approximately
3700 m².

We welcome tenants that operate in the field of fashion (apparel, footwear, accessories, etc.), sports, beauty, health, medicine, service, furnishings, food, etc. The larger letting premises (surface area approx. 100 to 1000 m²) are located directly next to the spacious promenade. The width of the street meant exclusively for pedestrians is 20 metres.

The car park with 85 parking slots for businesses is located on floor -1 by the carwash. In addition, there is a Euro Park car park EP27 located directly next to Promenaadi Maja. The first commercial premises will be completed in May 2017.


The glass wall of the commercial premises which extends to three (3) metres ensures the businesses a good visibility from outside, natural light, and a direct access for the customers from the promenade. Due to a separate entrance you can open your business before and/or close later than other businesses. The height of the rooms ranges from 3 to 4.8 metres.


The smaller letting premises (surface area from approx. 40 m²) are located on the side of the inside street (corridor). The corridor is wide, with high ceilings and natural light. Natural light also makes its way into the business located on the corridor. If necessary, the size of the lease premise can be modified by joining adjacent surfaces. A loading bay that has capacity for two goods vans simultaneously is located on the first floor. The loading bay is connected to the transport corridors and is meant for the use of larger businesses.


In order to make use of natural light and provide a comfortable working environment, the letting premises have a 2.3 m high and 8.6 m long outer wall of glass. The offices have direct access to the terrace. It is also possible to build additional office rooms on the office surface.


Rental premises have a triple pane glass walls with high noise insulation (rooms are quiet and comfortable). Base finishing: tiled floor, painted walls and pillars, suspended ceiling suspended ceiling and lighting. The letting premises can be constructed and designed according to the wishes of the tenants, incl. rooms that require water and sewerage facilities. The rooms are heated by means of preheated ventilation. There are no radiators that could interfere with the use and design of business premises. The premises are cooled by means of ventilation and, if necessary, additional cooling devices.

Energy efficient solutions: In addition to district heating, the building gets extra energy from geothermal energy through piles that are buried up to 20 metres into the ground. The system also utilises the heat released as a by-product of the cooling system. In order to save on the cooling and reduce the daily peak load a night-time pre-cooling system is used to cool the construction and the interior. The utilities bills are low. Promenaadi houses have class A in energy efficiency.